Obsession Labs Amber CO2 Oil Cartridges 0.5g/1g

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Part Number:Obsession-amber-cartridge-
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  • Product Type:Medical Marijuana Vape
  • Brand:
    Obsession Labs
  • Pure CO2 Oil
  • No Additives, Solvents, Glycol, Glycerine
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3 reviews for Obsession Labs Amber CO2 Oil Cartridges 0.5g/1g

  1. Steven Mackins

    This is the best CO2 Oil Cartridges I have ever had. Thank you guys so much for the help.

  2. Caroline Adams

    I had 24 surgeries in 4 years and because of the pain I was given opioids. I became addicted to opioids, and my husband researched and discovered CBD and we purchased from https://www.budshopandcarts.com and they recommended starting at a low dose and work up until I felt better then later as the pain decreased to lower back the dosages. I did exactly as they suggested and had to go up to the 1000mg level before I received the relief I needed to allow me to stop the opioid medication. I was to stop the opioid and then as the pain went away I started lowering the dosages as they suggested. I am now on a much lower strength 250mg and feel great. I recommend the products from https://www.budshopandcarts.com and the information they provide to anyone in pain or hooked on any of the opioid medications. God Bless

  3. James Malkins

    I love your carts,they work best for me,
    Thanks for everything

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